By Donnell Gavin

BEIJING, China, 10:14 p.m. — Things you may or may not be pleased to know about our President:

1) He drinks non-alcoholic beer

Pro – He doesn’t get drunk while visiting foreign countries and attending official events

Con – O’Douls? Seriously?

2) He’s really psyched to meet anyone from the Heartland. Unfortunately, this meant that my moment meeting him was somewhat abbreviated by his enthusiasm for meeting my companions (from Tulsa, OK and Bryan, TX, respectively)

Things you may be surprised to hear about Olympic gymnastics:

All of the events — uneven bars, vault, balance beam, floor routine (which is inevitably accompanied by really obnoxious music, especially if the team is from the Ukraine, but generally because I think it has to be public domain so that NBC doesn’t have to pay royalties for every broadcast) — go on at once. It is very distracting.