A bomb was discovered on and removed from New Haven train tracks Tuesday evening.

Two children stumbled upon a “greenish brown” object with “an orange piece” and a string attached to it, WTNH reported late Tuesday evening.

Bomb technicians from the Yale Police Department were called in to help AMTRAK Police and New Haven firefighters investigate the explosive device and secure the area.

“When the AMTRAK officers investigated, they found that there was what appeared to be a grenade lodged in the fence underneath the overpass,” Chief Administrative Officer Robert Smuts ’01 told WTNH.

Following a sweep of the area immediately surrounding the bomb, officials did not find any other explosive devices.

After a brief interruption, when the area was secured to remove the bomb, train services resumed their normal schedules. Metro-North, Acela and Shoreline East use the tracks on which the bomb was found.

Train services are back on schedule.