Paying homage to Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” campaign slogan, Jon Wu ’11 has tried to muster support for his candidacy for YCC treasurer by posting a YouTube video titled “Yes Wu Can.”

As a freshman, Wu has already found his niche at Yale: student government. Between the FCC, the YCC, Ivy Council and the Saybrook College Council, Wu said he enjoys the time he spends trying to improve student life.

This prospective African-American Studies major said he has a comprehensive view of student government at Yale.

“I see the big picture of what it means to be YCC treasurer,” Wu said. “Coming from leadership in FCC and then moving to YCC treasurer is a natural transition.”

Fellow FCC member Sabrina Karim ’11 described Wu as one of the hardest-working people she knows.

“He’s always putting the extra effort in by following through, and that’s a characteristic that is needed in a treasurer,” Karim said.

As a YCC representative this past year, Wu said that his favorite project for the YCC was Eli Days, a conference for New Haven public-high-school students to learn more about college admissions. He said that even with his interest in education, the best part of Eli Days was the tangible, concrete nature of the event.

“At the end of the day, the fact that we had instituted something new made it feel great to be part of one of YCC’s great successes this year,” Wu said.

Wu hails from Dublin, Calif., and attended Monte Vista High School in Danville, Calif. In high school, he founded Science Alliance, which paired high-school mentors with elementary-school students and helped them with science and ultimately with science-fair projects.