Colin Leatherbury ’09, co-chair of Spring Fling and Branford College’s representative to the Yale Student Activities Committee, wants to reinvent the YSAC survey and put the student voice back in Spring Fling.

The candidate for YSAC chair plans on abandoning the tradition of a few major surveys in favor of multiple “update” surveys that reflect developments as they occur. For instance, if a performer who was previously too expensive suddenly lowered his or her price, Leatherbury said he would propose sending out a survey to reflect the new option. Ultimately, multiple surveys would prevent any final decisions from being made solely by YSAC members, he said.

“The more information we get, the more accountable we will be to students,” Leatherbury said.

As this year’s co-chair for Spring Fling, Leatherbury said he will bring the experience of planning YSAC’s biggest event of the year to the position of YSAC chair.

“Coming from that background, I actually know what we can do,” Leatherbury said. “I know the exact situation of corporate sponsors and the specific rules that apply to college-sponsored events. Sometimes I feel like I am the John McCain of the YSAC-chair candidates.”

To update the Social Cup, Leatherbury hopes to introduce tangible prizes like a trophy or a meet-and-greet with the Spring Fling performers.

Ultimately, Leatherbury thinks his edge over the other candidates lies in his experience.

“I think I am the only candidate that can say with certainty that I will keep my promises because I know how things are run,” Leatherbury said.