Jasper Wang ’10 is experienced. But he’s not telling anyone about it. He’ll let you find out on your own — and would rather be chosen for his promise, not his years in office.

We concur: Experience is merely one on a list of qualifications that make Wang the best choice for YCC secretary.

We start, though, with an attribute that may not seem particularly substantive but is important for a secretary who must communicate with the student body: a sense of humor.

In his candidacy statement, Wang reveals his penchant for self-depreciation: “I never thought that I would make this jump to being viewed as a tool on a campuswide level,” he writes. “Also, in a decade of involvement in student government, I’ve never once run a campaign not centered on penis jokes related to my last name.”

But such silliness is only satisfying because he backs it up with concrete — and compelling — plans. His priority is to increase the transparency and accountability of the YCC. And public transparency is not something Wang is afraid of: In our endorsement meeting, he spoke candidly about his failures and took them as an opportunity for personal reflection.

For instance, after the proposal for an extended Cr/D/Fail deadline failed to receive administrators’ blessing, Wang, who was working on the proposal, ably reassessed his, as the YCC’s, priorities. In retrospect, he says the YCC asked for too much.

“I know the limits,” he said. “I know the resources.”

After a year that saw several acts of intolerance, it should also be noted that Wang would like to work closely with the Coalition for Campuswide Unity and as a liaison between green organizations and school officials.

We also support Wang’s emphasis on the tangible and day to day. While always keeping a perspective on the larger picture of institutional change, Wang repeatedly emphasized his desire to effect real results. Although Abigail Cheung ’11, who we hope runs for office again, was impressive with her crystal-clear slate of priorities — experience, celebrate and innovate — Wang’s experience, energy and savvy suit him well for the secretary position.