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During presentations, all four candidate for YSAC chair truly impressed us with their ingenuity and passion.

Jon Terenzetti ’10 delighted with his suggestions for events smaller than Spring Fling that would engage the campus, such as the Social Cup. Travis Long ’10 proved he possesses the all-too-rare ability to simplify and clearly state his priorities, namely, revamping the Fall Show, introducing a Talent Search and engaging with the New Haven community. And when it comes to the Fall Show and Spring Fling — events that in many ways define the YCC’s contributions to average-student life — Kristian Henderson ’09 stuck out above all for her fiery passion, connections in the music industry and genuine commitment to factoring in student opinion in any decision. We hope she becomes co-chair of Spring Fling and stays heavily involved in the brainstorming, planning and leadership of similarly epic events.

But at the end of the day, one candidate soars head and shoulders above his opponents: Colin Leatherbury ’09. As this year’s Spring Fling co-chair, Leatherbury knows first-hand how to coordinate the events that YSAC must put on. His experience, however, is not limiting: He wants to reinvent YSAC and overhaul the Spring Fling selection process. And because Leatherbury has seen the inner workings of the YSAC in all its highs and lows, he is well-positioned to do so. He possesses a nuanced understanding of corporate sponsorship and guest-getting, and his commitment to transparency and common sense — more surveys, for example — is much appreciated.

In summing up his candidacy, Leatherbury — who also helped organize Branford College’s Crushes and Chaperone’s dance — asked for “one more year” to fulfill his vision. After a year of intense YSAC involvement, Leatherbury deserves this much: to become its chair for the next 12 months. As long as he engages his talented and motivated opponents and follows through on his promise to improve processes and policies, YSAC will be in sturdy hands with Leatherbury as leader.