To the Editor:

We object to Ben Beitler’s portrayal of our apartment building, the Elmhurst, in his article “Playing House” (4/4). He could have spoken to us — some of the building’s residents who have no complaints about the apartment complex.

In our experience, the disrepair of the Elmhurst has been more of a running joke than it has been a reality. The only time something broke in our apartment, our landlord, Larry Visochek, fixed it. When our toilet leaked, he replaced it with a porcelain beauty.

Because Beitler spoke to just some of the Elmhurst’s residents, and not to all of them, his article portrayed Visochek as threatening and irresponsible. We think the opposite. To us, he has been nothing but fair, friendly and accommodating.

Perhaps Beitler’s selective interviewing hits more accurately on some of our neighbors’ tendency to complain than it does on the real condition of the Elmhurst.

Nicky Bernstein and Ben Temple

April 5

The writers are both juniors who currently reside in the Elmhurst apartment building.