Not enough wind. Too much wind. For the most part, it didn’t seem to matter much for Yale’s sailors this past weekend — the Bulldogs won several races across New England.

The No. 2 Yale sailing team repeated as champion of the Friis and Marchiando Team Races over the weekend at MIT and Tufts University and won Boston College’s Central Series Four, but the Elis struggled to keep up at the Admiral Alymers Trophy event hosted by the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

After sailing in a qualifier round for the Friis and Marchiando Team Races at MIT on Saturday, the Elis went on to the championship round at Tufts on Sunday, winning in spite of difficult conditions.

Yale finished Saturday’s races with a 6-0 record in spite of a complete lack of wind.

“We were delayed at the beginning because there was no wind, but it finally picked up just a bit,” team captain Zach Brown ’08. “We had to sail more strategically because of the light breeze.”

Yale sported three boats skippered by Zachary Brown ’08, John Kempton ’10 and Thomas Barrows ’10 and crewed by Abigail Coplin ’08, Grace Becton ’09 and Adriane Levin ’09.

On Sunday, the Yale team sailed against the top four finishers from each of the previous day’s races at MIT and Tufts in a championship round. Again, conditions proved challenging, but the team persevered.

“Unlike Saturday, the winds picked up but were variable,” Brown said. “We worked hard, though, and finished on top.”

Yale finished the regatta with a 12-2 record, well ahead of its next competitor, Boston University, which had a 9-5 record.

At the Central Series Four event, it was more of the same: no wind on Saturday and a heavy breeze on Sunday.

“The regatta ran the gamut of un-sailable — from too little wind to too much,” Sarah Lihan ’10 said. “[We] sailed well throughout the variable conditions, and our combined scores won the event, despite less than stellar performances on Sunday afternoon.”

The fleet race team competed at the Admiral Alymers Trophy event at Massachusetts Maritime Academy and managed a 10th-place finish in the A division and a sixth-place finish in the B division.

“There were many races that we were leading at the windward marks before getting passed by many boats that caught puffs that never got to us,” Caleb Dorfman ’09 said.

But according to Dorfman, the team is confident that in future races it will perform better.

“We always passed boats upwind due to being able to sail faster and higher than the competition and playing the shifts well, which is great looking forward,” he said.