Friday’s front page featured a profile of Eric Wenzel ’04 and his better-known namesake, the Wenzel sub. While the dramatic back-story of the late-night classic was certainly interesting, the most relevant part of the article didn’t appear until the penultimate paragraph.

Those of you who didn’t make it past the jump (or headline), I’ll fill you in: “Indeed, Wenzel’s name is now part of the campus vocabulary. Zoe Ballance ’10 said an ex-boyfriend once tried to use the Wenzel to pick her up, saying with a smile on his face, ‘Do you want a Wenzel? I have one back in my apartment!’”

Apparently, Wenzels have aphrodisiac qualities, or at least can indirectly help you get laid (thanks for the tip, Zoe). A quick Google search brings up some other interesting possibilities. Highlights include:

Asparagus — Which The Vegetarian Society suggests you eat for three days straight for maximum effect.

Chocolate — Any excuse.

Arugula — Put some kick in your midday salad bar run.

Banana — Which GourmetSleuth informs us has a “marvelous phallic shape,” just in case you missed that in middle school.

Garlic — Catch 22, that one.

My more New Haven-specific suggestion would be to take your would-be lover out to Barcelona for some seduction in the shadows of this sexy Spanish wine bar and tapas restaurant. If you’re really feeling frisky, stop by Claire’s after dinner for a cup of that delicious frosting. Tastier than whipped cream, and the possibilities are endless…

Hilary Faxon