Winstanley Enterprises may heat up development at Science Park — by cooling it down.

The Massachusetts real estate investing firm plans to build a Yale University chiller plant and a six-level parking garage, complete with over 25,000 square feet of first-floor retail and office space, in the Science Park area. But Ward 19 Alderwoman Alfreda Edwards, whose ward contains the land, said she is unimpressed by the two proposed buildings and would rather see more manufacturing jobs for her constituents.

Winstanley officials said the new buildings will invigorate the area because they will bring in new jobs and outside traffic. And, they said, no final plans have been announced as yet.

The two buildings will sit across from 25 Science Park, a building purchased by the company about six months ago. Yale officials have been interested in setting up shop in the Newhallville site for many years.

“[The Science Park development] strengthens Science Park, revitalizes the Winchester streetscape, and adds tax revenues for the city budget and jobs for the local community,” Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs Associate Vice President Michael Morand ’87 DIV ’93 wrote in an e-mail Sunday.

Nevertheless, in the current proposal, manufacturing jobs will not be created at 25 Science Park, the garage or the chiller plant, which cools air for nearby facilities.

Edwards said in a community meeting last Tuesday that she had “a dream for Newhallville,” the New Haven Independent reported.

“[The dream is] not a garage in the middle of Winchester Avenue, and it’s not a thousand [more] cars,” Edwards said.

Over the last few months, Edwards has said she wants to see a more transparent relationship between developers and Newhallville residents in Science Park. Winstanley Enterprises Chief Operating Officer Barbara Green assured the New Haven Register last week that the company will be receptive to concerns of local residents.

Both Edwards and Green could not be reached for comment Easter weekend.

When Winstanley Enterprises bought 25 Science Park for $14.5 million from BioMed Realty Trust about six months ago, Winstanley’s CEO Carter told the Register that Yale had “expressed interest” and had made a commitment to the site.

Yale was one of several tenants at 25 Science Park under the building’s previous owner, Lyme Properties. But now, Higher One, a student financial-aid company, is the only tenant.

Recently, notices have been passed around to the Yale staff that many Yale offices will move to the Science Park area.

Forest City Enterprises currently plans to redevelop the former Winchester Repeating Arms Co. factory into a residential and office complex. But the company originally pitched it as a site for biotechnical development.

In addition to 25 Science Park, Winstanley Enterprises owns 300 George St., a building which houses biotechnical facilities associated with Yale.