Two individuals were robbed late Saturday night near University grounds, according to a campuswide e-mail sent Sunday by Yale Police Department Chief James Perrotti.

The assailant in both robberies “displayed” a handgun, but the e-mail did not specify whether the victims were held at gunpoint.

At 10 p.m. on the corner of Church and Wall streets — near Timothy Dwight College — a thin, 5’4” male of a small build wearing a three-quarter-length black down jacket and a black knit hat demanded the individual’s wallet. The victim was not a student or a person affiliated with the University.

“A handgun was displayed,” according to the e-mail.

Just an hour and a half later, at Edgewood Avenue and Dwight Street, a Law School student and his friend were confronted by a man in a black coat, dark pants and a dark knit hat.

The man, who was described as being 5’6” and of a medium build with a “slight goatee and mustache,” demanded the Law School student’s wallet. This assailant also displayed his handgun during the robbery, Perrotti’s e-mail states.

On Jan. 31, a Calhoun College student was the victim of an attempted robbery on his way back from Gourmet Heaven at about 3 a.m. The student was stabbed in the arm, though he sustained only a minor injury and required little medical attention.

The two incidents from Saturday night are being investigated by the New Haven Police Department. The YPD is assisting in the investigations, the e-mail states.

Perrotti urged students to program the phone numbers of the YPD into their cell phones’ speed dial.