Yesterday was Valentine’s Day — and a small pig ran loose on Old Campus.

While lovebirds new and old kindled flames over dates at Zinc, the burrito cart, Howe mini-mart or the Stacks, a pinkish piglet, soiled by the ground slush of former snow, fiendishly foraged our quadrangle like a passion-crazed lover himself.

Our piglet’s name, according to sources, is Isosceles, and has been seen riding Metro-North to boot.

Quite the pig about town!

What he was looking for on this particularly sunny Valentine’s Day, when he graced our campus with a jaunty snout and winsome glances to and fro the gates of Phelps and the ivy of Connecticut Hall, we may never know.

But for every smile he prompted — and there were many — and every curious glance he provoked, we must appreciate our piglet, our Isosceles, for grounding us in mid-winter wonder and for teaching us to appreciate the unexpected and the pure.

As the cold persists, our only wish is that he finds whatever it was that led his little piggy heart to search.