Q: What’s cooking at the Abare household on Super Sunday?

BA: Chips and salsa along with several chicken wings will definitely always be on hand during game action and during commercials. Both are key ingredients to enjoying any Super Bowl. Basically any unhealthy finger food is a must to truly get that Super Bowl experience.

LA: I agree with the chips and salsa — perhaps throw in some nacho cheese dip to make the experience that much more fulfilling. It’s a meaty affair so buffalo wings, chicken, ribs, pork — you name it — needs to included to complete the ultimate Super Bowl festival. Polish it all off with a tall cool Budweiser.

Q: What would you give or do to go to the Super Bowl?

BA: I would give away my entire checking account to go to the Super Bowl (however, this may not actually be worth the price of the ticket).

LA: I would do a lot different things to go to the Super Bowl. Let’s say there was an eating contest. I’d like to compete in a sushi eating contest and whoever ate the most sushi would go to the Super Bowl. Based on my training and recent sushi-eating expeditions, I feel like I would have a great chance to win.

Q: Favorite Super Bowl memory?

LA: Pats beating the “Greatest Show on Earth” St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002. When I saw the Patriots introduced as a team instead of individually, I knew they were going to shock the world. That Super Bowl was also a great experience because it was the first [championship] for the Pats franchise and no one gave the Patriots a chance that year… A start to a dynasty.

BA: I’ll have to say the same. Nobody was expecting the Patriots to win against the Rams. To this day I think that Patriots team was one of the greatest groups of team-oriented individuals I have ever seen. They were consistently outmatched in terms of talent but truly made up for it because each one of their players bought into the most intricate details of Bill Belichick’s genius coaching techniques.

Q: Do you like college or pro football better? Why?

LA: College football because of the different traditions that each college has. I also like the game play in college football more with teams using more creative offenses and defenses, like a spread offense team like West Virginia, or a traditional wishbone team like Navy or Nebraska before Tom Osborne retired. The fans are also more knowledgeable about the game. Most NFL fans (at least the ones who go to the games) are clueless.

BA: I enjoy both. I would rather go to a college game though over a professional game any day. The tradition and rivalries in college football are unparalleled to any other sporting event in this country.