NORMAN, Oklahoma, 5:25 p.m. — David Boren ’63 is no stranger to notable political figures. In the past year, the former Oklahoma senator and governor — an affable man popular in this state — has hosted Colin Powell, Al Gore, George H.W. Bush ’48 and Mitt Romney in his role as president of the University of Oklahoma.

But tomorrow Boren, also a former Yale Corporation trustee, will join nearly a dozen well known, like-minded moderates, including several of his former colleagues from the Senate, in a bipartisan political forum that has been billed as an attempt to encourage national political leaders to bring an end to partisanship and polarization.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s presence has many political analysts speculating that the forum will be a further opportunity for Bloomberg to flirt with an independent presidential run. But Bloomberg has denied the rumor, saying the forum is strictly intended to find an independent alternative for government.

No matter what happens at this meeting of centrists in the geographic center of the nation, the Yale Daily News will be there. Look forward to an exclusive online update tomorrow afternoon.

-June Torbati