The Yale Daily News is excited this morning to announce the creation of a Public Panel — the first of its kind for a college newspaper — to represent you, its readers.

While ombudsmen and public editors at other publications have served alone in similar roles, opining regularly on how the newspapers they work for can improve, we feel the role of reader representative is best taken on by a diverse group of three.

The Public Panel, therefore, will span the wide University community: one undergraduate, one graduate student and one faculty member.

In addition to communicating frequently with readers — who might have questions or concerns for the News — the panelists, once chosen, will have free rein to write one public column every two weeks suggesting institutional reform, differing with (or explaining) a recent editorial decision or quizzically exploring an enigmatic aspect of the Oldest College Daily.

Above all, the Public Column can help fill the void of a liaison between the Yale Daily News and its student, city and alumni readers. We realize, after all, that editors, locked in 202 York Street every evening (and early morning) from 6 p.m. on, can sometimes seem inaccessible.

So if you are an undergraduate, graduate student or professor with a background in or passion for journalism, consider applying to serve in this novel role. Please e-mail me this month at for more details.

We look forward to learning how we can better the News, and while we’re at it, we hope you learn a little bit more about us, too.

— Andrew Mangino

Editor in Chief, Yale Daily News