To the Editor:

Reading the Yale Daily News last Friday afternoon at lunch with incredulity, I asked a friend how accusing a black person of a crime necessarily constituted racial profiling. He told me, “You have to use liberal logic: If X, then racial profiling.”

Today the News ran an article (“Report finds race profiling did not occur” 12/5) on a police report concluding that no evidence of racial profiling had been found in the case of library worker Bernard Rogers. In anticipation of the many angry, rabbling letters that are likely to follow this “revelation,” I would like to express my pleasant surprise at seeing the police department use real logic, and in the witch-hunt atmosphere we are currently enjoying here at Yale, I would like to remind people that crying racism whenever there is even a slight suspicion of it — the Al Sharpton method, if you will — hurts, not helps, the drive toward racial equality.

Adam Solomon

Dec. 6

Solomon is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College and a member of the Party of the Right.