To the Editor:

I thoroughly enjoyed Kristen Ng’s article on the dilemma of laundry switching. I live at the divinity school apartments and we have 3 washing machines in a building which houses 40 or so residents. Thus, I am often confronted with “orphaned laundry.” I truly believe that some of the residents don’t know that it only takes 25 minutes to wash a load, since it often sits in a machine for endless hours!

I do take exception to Ms. Ng’s “rule” that men are not allowed to touch women’s laundry.

Let me see if I understand: I am not allowed to move a huge pile of wet clothes belonging to a woman but she is allowed to remove and fold any man’s laundry with “love embedded in each and every crease?”

I thought all the liberals here at Yale wanted everything to be equal between the sexes, but I suppose I was wrong. If a woman can remove and fold a man’s boxers and briefs, then I can certainly remove a women’s pile of bras and panties so that I can commence washing the 4 loads of laundry my wife, son, and I create every week.

Dave Miller

Nov. 27

Miller is a student at the Yale Divinity School.