One day after a racial slur was found on a wall outside Pierson College last week, several students leaving the University Theatre encountered a homophobic slur painted on a wall.

At approximately 1:30 a.m. last Wednesday morning, a group of undergraduates involved in the Yale Dramatic Association found the words “drama fags” on the wall, located near the York Street side of the theater.

“It’s unacceptable,” Drama School Dean James Bundy said. “It is deeply disturbing. I hope we find out who did it and I hope we can do everything in our power to make sure it never happens again.”

Bundy said he was unaware of the incident before he was informed by the News on Sunday.

Although most of the spray paint has been removed from the building, traces of the words are still visible five days later.

Emmett Zackheim ’08 reported the incident to a police officer who was present on York Street at the time the group of undergraduates left the theater.

Zackheim and other witnesses said the officer had responded to a call from other students on York Street reporting an individual attempting to apply graffiti to the gate of Wolf’s Head secret society, Zackheim and witness Elysa Chao ’09 said.

Students at the Yale School of Drama were largely unaware of the incident when interviewed by the News on Sunday.

Brian Valencia DRA ’10 said while he had heard of the graffiti outside the Pierson College gateway, he knew nothing about the writing on the theater wall and said that he received “no school-wide e-mail” relating to the incident.

“I’m pretty certain that if my classmates were aware we would have talked about it,” Valencia said. “I had no idea that was written there.”

And, Valencia said he thinks the community at the Drama School “embraces all kinds of individuals.”

Bundy said he does not sense a pattern of hostility toward homosexuals within the school or New Haven at large.

In an e-mail sent to all undergraduates last Thursday, Yale College Dean Peter Salovey asked students to “reach out to each other in ways that reaffirm the tolerance and understanding at the heart of our human interactions,” citing “racist and homophobic slurs” spray-painted on campus buildings.

Salovey could not be reached for further comment Sunday night.