To the Editor:

Autumn reminds us to cherish the passing moments by bringing forth an explosion of color in our everyday landscape. By turning our attention to the parts of life that are often seen as mere background, and by listening to this year’s unique symphony of hue, tone, and shadow, we observe new things.

Totally absorbed in the routine of daily events, we often overlook key parts of our own lives. Most of us are at Yale for academics: Teaching, coursework, and research demand constant attention and unceasing effort. As we grow through the seasons, one seemingly insurmountable project will merge into another until the degree is finished, the thesis is written, a career is built, and many autumns have passed. To truly appreciate this process, we must occasionally step back and smile.

Recently, I invited a couple friends over for dinner. The conversation varied from homework to small stories from everyday life. Sharing the moment was both simple and sublime. Looking through history, there are many famous Suppers; although the interpretations vary, all connect individuals with each other.

I invite you, as the crispness of autumn approaches, to have a small moment with friends. Put life’s distractions out of your mind. Discuss everyday occurrences, small stories, and big ideas. Pour a cup of warm tea and recharge not only your mind, but also your spirit. Step back and smile.

James D. Blackmore

Sept. 22

Blackmore is a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry.