15 weeks. 16 teams. Over 130 competitions. How’s a Yalie to decide where to cast his support? Luckily, the News staff has picked out the highlights of this fall, sure to include some of the fiercest, the most historic, or — in some cases — the most ridiculous matches of the season.

9/15/07 Volleyball vs. Stanford

Talk about a David and Goliath matchup. A talented (by Ivy League standards) Yale squad will warm up its slingshot in anticipation of the Cardinal, a perennial powerhouse that finished second in the NCAA last year. Stanford volleyball is arguably the best team to visit John J. Lee all year.

10/3/07 Women’s Soccer vs. Quinnipiac

This cross-town soccer match is the most interactive New Haven’s universities get (well, outside the confines of a certain infamous York Street establishment), so get your creative insults ready for when the Q-pac shuttle bus rolls up with a rare early-afternoon crowd.

11/10/07 Football at Princeton

The road trip of the year. Remember the nausea after seeing the obnoxious smirks on those orange-clad Princetonians rushing the Yale Bowl field last year? Make the haul to the Garden State, and don’t stop until you’re dancing on the big “P” at the 50-yard line.

11/17/07 Men’s Soccer vs. Harvard

For the first time in nearly 20 years, the Elis will end their regular season at home against Harvard, a 2006 NCAA Tournament participant. The Bulldogs will look to supplant their arch-rivals as the Ivy League’s representatives at the Big Dance.

11/17/07 Football vs. Harvard

Harvard-Yale. ’Nuf said.