Yale College Council Secretary and presidential hopeful Zach Marks ’09 was charged over the weekend with violating three campaign rules.

The infractions come less than a week after Marks was cited for beginning his campaign two days early and allegedly telling one of his friends that she could not work for an opposing campaign. As a result of the three latest rule violations, Marks will be required to remove all of his campaign posters and table tents for the remainder of the election period. Polls open today and close Wednesday at 9 p.m.

YCC Vice President Steven Engler ’07 said the YCC election committee found that Marks’ team started campaigning prematurely, incorrectly used a panlist for campaigning purposes and e-mailed someone during the pre-campaign period who does not consider Marks a friend.

Marks said that while one of his friends was “overeager” and used a panlist incorrectly, he disputes that he began campaigning early or e-mailed someone who was not his friend, and he wants to appeal the committee’s decision. He said the prior incident in which he was accused of telling a friend that she could not work for the opponent’s campaign did not occur and that he has cleared up the dispute with his opponent.

But Engler said the committee’s decisions are final.

“There is evidence that he very much did violate the rules,” he said.

The committee determines the penalties based on a variety of factors, Engler said, but there are no strict rules requiring certain punishments for certain infractions.

Marks said he does not think the infractions will hurt his chances in the presidential race.

“I hope students will consider my candidacy for the issues I stand on and for the vision I will bring to the YCC next year,” he said.