This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here.

The April 20 article “Dwight Hall passes resolution supporting union in Y-NH dispute” contained several errors. The resolution was passed by the Dwight Hall Cabinet, and it was a two-part resolution rather than two separate resolutions as the article stated. The resolution calls for Borgstrom to commit to follow a forthcoming ruling from independent arbitrator Margaret Kern and also to agree to a card-check process for union recognition.


Friday’s “YCC Election Guide” misidentified the photographs of the candidates for Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee chair. In the group photo, Suyog Bhandari ’09 is seated in the center. The inset headshot, which was mistakenly placed next to the article about Bhandari, is of Vidum Sehgal ’10. The News apologizes sincerely for the errors.