Stephen Lassonde, who has served as dean of Calhoun College for 14 years, will leave at the end of this academic year to take a position at Brown University.

Lassonde, whose son is a Yale freshman, will become Deputy Dean of the College at Brown. He announced his intention to step down in an e-mail to Calhoun students on Sunday evening.

In the e-mail, Lassonde said he is leaving his post at Calhoun reluctantly and that he greatly values his time as dean.

“I attribute my tenure to a Lucky Tire Swing, few complaints, wonderfully wise colleagues and my undying appreciation for the intelligence, energy, generosity, and openness you all have shared with me over the years,” he wrote.

His new job will include assisting in the reconfiguration of the Dean’s Office and instituting curricular reforms, Lassonde told the News. He said that although his new job will involve less interaction with students, he looks forward to the change.

“This is a big promotion for me,” he said. “It draws on the skills and experience I have been developing here over the past 14 years.”

But Lassonde said he will miss his time with students at Yale.

“I will really miss the kind of ordinary interactions you have in the dining halls,” he said “The other things you encounter at other universities, but that is unique to here.”

Jonathan Holloway, who has been Calhoun’s master for two years, said he will miss Lassonde’s presence in the college. He said a committee convened by Yale College Dean Peter Salovey will try to find a replacement for Lassonde within a month.

“Deans do everything under the sun, and he does them all well,” Holloway said. “He essentially mentored me into the job and helped me to understand what the master does.”