Name: David Roosth

College: Saybrook

Year: 2009

Hometown: Houston, Tex.

Major: Political Science

David Roosth ’09 might be the establishment candidate in the YCC vice presidential race, but don’t call him a politician.

Roosth, the outgoing YCC treasurer, said that though he loves student government at Yale, he would never want to enter the outside political world.

“Yale is an easy place to be in politics,” Roosth said. “We all essentially want the same things, so it’s really about who’s going to work the hardest to get them done.”

Roosth said his experience working with the YCC proves that he is that person. Roosth stayed away from student government his freshman year, spending much of the year getting in shape by running. Occasionally, Roosth and one of his running friends, a member of the Freshman Class Council, would discuss student government. But Roosth didn’t consider getting involved himself until the end of the year, when Roosth found himself spending $50 a night at Durfee’s trying to use up excess Flex points and wondering why those points could not be used at nearby stores or restaurants. A few months later, through the work of Roosth and the YCC, the University agreed to create a Campus Cash program that would let students use Flex points for just that.

In addition to the Campus Cash program, Roosth said that as YCC treasurer he was heavily involved in planning Spring Fling as well as the Fall Show. Roosth said he routinely spent more than 16 hours a week working on student government matters.

“The other candidates also I’m sure have awesome visions for the YCC, but I have more technical know-how,” Roosth said. “I’ve learned what we can get done.”

Roosth listed a host of things he would like to do as vice president. He said he wants to change the university’s Credit/D/Fail policy, have professors podcast lectures, and simplify the process of transferring credits from other institutions. Though these ideas might not revolutionize school life, Roosth said, he wants to focus his energy on realistic improvements.

“It’s not that I’m not running on a big picture campaign,” he said. “The YCC should talk about the big issues, but they shouldn’t be counteractive or distract us from our goal of improving everyday student life.”

Yale Student Activities Committee chair Mike Lehmann ’09, who has worked with Roosth in the past, said Roosth’s experience with student government and his enthusiasm for the organization make him an ideal candidate for vice president.

“Dave is an extremely experienced individual who has cultivated a long relationship with the Dean’s Office this year,” Lehmann said. “He’s very dedicated, very intense with his YCC work. He eats, sleeps, and breathes YCC.”