Yale undergraduates were especially mindful of the need to unplug their appliances before heading out on spring break this year, as electricity use over break dropped by 4.1 percent compared to last year.

The Student Taskforce for Environmental Protection’s second annual “Yale Unplugged” campaign reminded students about the importance of unplugging electric appliances before leaving the dorms. Electricity conservation has been an important component of the University’s effort to reduce total emissions to 10 percent below the 1990 level by the year 2020.

Alice Shyy ’08, who heads STEP, cited the use of attractive posters and door hangers as essential in the effort to have students unplug, and notes the use of these types of advertising as a major improvement over last year’s drive.

“The Unplug campaign started last year, but this year it was branded well and conveyed in a visible manner,” Shyy said.

Graphic designers created posters displaying the slogan “Shrink the Cube,” which referred to the 1,000 cubic feet of carbon dioxide the average American releases into the atmosphere daily.

STEP coordinator Jon Ferrugia ’08 said he was optimistic about Yale’s chances of fulfilling its emission reduction promise.

“The goal is very ambitious, especially because of construction of new buildings on campus,” h