A Silliman freshman was robbed Friday night on Dwight Street.

Zachary Abrahamson ’10 said he was walking with a friend from his brother’s apartment on Dwight Street towards Swing Space when he was robbed by an armed man. Abrahamson said Silliman Master Judith Krauss told him later that night that a Calhoun student had also been robbed Friday.

Neither Calhoun Master Jonathan Holloway nor the Yale Police Department could confirm the second robbery Sunday, and Krauss could not be reached for comment.

Abrahamson said he and Alan Stewart, a freshman at Tufts University, were walking on Dwight Street between Elm and Whalley streets at approximately 9:00 p.m. when the robbery took place. He said that as he and Stewart were walking past a driveway at 260 Dwight St., a man who had been fiddling with his phone approached them.

Abrahamson and Stewart said the man demanded that Abrahamson hand over his money. Abrahamson said that when he refused, the robber said, “What do you mean, no? I have a gun.”

The robber flashed his gun, Abrahamson said, and he gave the man the cash in his wallet — a total of about $23. The man did not demand the wallet or anything else, Abrahamson said. Stewart said that as the man turned to leave, he asked Stewart if he had any money and continued walking away when Stewart said he did not.

Abrahamson is a contributing reporter for the News.

Abrahamson said he was not too traumatized by the incident but that he would exercise much more caution when walking in that area.

“As far as muggings go it was pretty low-key,” Abrahamson said. “I’ve walked it at night, I’ve walked it during the day, I’ve walked it alone, I’ve walked it with friends, [but] I’ll probably be a little more careful walking around there at night.”

Stewart said he was not surprised by the robbery, which took place only two hours after his arrival in New Haven, but that he was unsettled by it.

The students were shown a suspect by Yale police officers, Abrahamson said, but he was not the man who robbed them. He said police released that suspect.