The already heated special Ward 22 aldermanic election scheduled for April 16 has become a four-way race.

Two New Haven residents — Reginald Lytle of Winchester Avenue and Lisa Hopkins of Francis Hunter Drive — have filed to run, joining Ward 22 co-Chair Cordelia Thorpe and Gregory Morehead in the race.

As the official Democratic Party candidate, Morehead — who has already earned the support of some campus political leaders —is currently expected to win. But the historically low turnout in Ward 22 leaves open the possibility of a victory by any of the four candidates.

Thorpe has decried what she says is the “disenfranchisement” of her ward’s voters, because Town Democratic Party Chair Susie Voigt cast the tiebreaker vote to endorse Morehead, the CEO of an anti-spyware firm and an applicant to join the Yale Police force.

The special election was called following Rev. Drew King’s resignation in the aftermath of his several arrests in late 2006 and early January.

Lytle and Thorpe could not be reached immediately for comment. Since the deadline for filing in the election has passed, no further candidates can join the four current contenders in vying for the coveted seat.

Ward 22 encompasses parts of six of Yale’s residential colleges, especially Silliman, Timothy Dwight, Ezra Stiles and Morse colleges.