Two double-O seven. What an auspicious year. Too bad that we at scene can’t remember anything after New Year’s Eve. But if we still have any of our ability to predict the future, 2007 will probably look something like 2006: yet another year of failed celebrity marriages, too much caffeine and more screwed-up politicians — even if the Democrats are currently reigning on the Hill. In the interest of learning from history — and because scene decided to sleep through shopping period — we’re taking this week to give 2006 a proper send-off. Then we’ll wake up, cure our hangover with more coffee and actually begin thinking about starting the semester.

In this year’s retrospective, we profile the 10 Yalies who should definitely be your facebook “friends” (but if you actually take our advice and add them, we’ll all know you for the tools you are — thank you News Feed!). These students who “move and shake” are the enterprising offspring of Eli who build self-loathing walls, activise, win prizes, strip on Halloween and neglect their beauty sleep. To bring you this in-depth guide, scene hit the streets, snooped around, picked up clues and snuck a peek behind the resumes of a few of your fellow over-achieving classmates.

Now we know what you’re thinking; you’re probably offended that you weren’t profiled yourself. Well trust us, if we had our way none of y’all would even get a mention. Year 2006 in review would have been entirely devoted to photo spreads of the incredibly sexy scene desk with brief cameos made by our writers and maybe, just maybe, some of the rest of the YDN Board of 2008. But we’re not at all about self-promotion here…

Of course, none of us will need any additional networking or other “career” enhancers (read: Vaynerisms) because we’re all the Man/Woman/Undecided of the Year. That’s right, Time Magazine decided the Man of the Year 2006 was YOU — possibly the worst judgment someone affiliated with Time has ever made. In an attempt to redeem the situation, scene has taken it upon ourselves to dub the real people of the year, and ditch both you and the cheesy mirror in the process.

But take heart young Yalie! Your government is surging while your school has become known for its nakedness and secret societies that run the world. 2007 really is looking up.