Yale College Council Treasurer Priya Kim Prasad ’08 will resign her post effective Nov. 26, she announced at a Council meeting Sunday night.

Prasad said she is stepping down because her commitments to the YCC, the Yale Student Activities Committee and the Committee for Campus-wide Activities have become too time-intensive to accommodate her life outside of student government.

“I end up spending 15 hours a week in meetings, but most of my work I have to do outside of meetings,” she said. “I want to focus more on sleeping and schoolwork and that kind of thing.”

Prasad will continue to serve the YCC in an advisory role for the rest of the year, she said, and she will remain involved in organizing upcoming events that she has helped to plan, such as February’s Fall Show.

Prasad will no longer serve on the YCC, YSAC or the CCA, she said.

YCC Secretary Zach Marks ’09 said the Council’s rules for replacing a resigning officer stipulate that the YCC Executive Board will nominate a new treasurer within two weeks of Prasad’s resignation. The nominee — who will be selected from one of the various YCC bodies, including YSAC, CCA and the UOFC — must then be approved by two-thirds of the YCC, Marks said.