Harvard Paraphernalia

In high school, it was fine to wear the gear from colleges you wanted to go to or got into, even that of Harvard. However, now that you are at Yale, it’s time to go ahead and buy some new clothing. Dark blue happens to be much more slimming than crimson, and perhaps in an effort to hide those first five pounds you’ve gained in the past three weeks, you’ll try an elegant sweatshirt with your alma mater on the front.

Clothes that fit in high school

Although your favorite top and jeans looked great sophomore and junior year in high school, if they don’t currently fit it’s time to head over to Salvation Army for a little donation. Now that you are no longer a triple zero, those jeans don’t give out a “hot lovin’” vibe so much as they do a healthy ration of “love handle” lard.

Sharpie-scribbled Converse

Although I have no problem with Converse by themselves, the ones worn around campus with drawings from your friends on the side and doodles you made when you were stoned not only brings you to reminisce about your own fast times at Ridgemont High, but us, too. To clarify, looking like you haven’t moved on from Dover, Debuke, or Denver High and accepted your new surroundings (Foot Locker) is not a good thing, and neither is the smell coming from your ninth-grade shoes.