More than just a site for Saturday afternoon tailgates, the Yale Bowl symbolizes the powerful history and towering legacy of Yale football. The stadium, which seats 64,269 fans on its 12.5 acres of land, has witnessed the inimitable triumphs and regrettable downfalls of 92 Yale teams. The Bowl has also hosted the World Special Olympic Games, World Cup soccer matches, and two seasons of home games for the New York Giants. Students who make the mile and a half trip from central campus to the field will enter the Bowl through one of 30 original stone tunnels. They will emerge from the dark passageway into a colossal open-air stadium boasting one of just two natural-grass fields left among the Ivy League schools. Once there, students enjoy free admission to the stadium, where an ongoing $21 million renovation project will juxtapose the rich tradition and imposing architecture of the Yale Bowl with modern amenities and technology.