There’s a nice, crisp smell in the air and campus sidewalks are awash again with children wearing their Yale IDs dangling from prominently visible blue and white lanyards.

This means just one thing — back to school!

Like a slightly more verbose (and decidedly less-stoned) Adam Sandler, we here at scene are tittering with the prospect of getting back into the swing of things. But before we dive into campus culture (or lack thereof), it’s important that we recap the summer in arts and living. Think of it like those awkward moments at every Camp Yale event, when every conversation awkwardly commences with the requisite “So … what did you do this summer?” — it’s time to mourn the loss of the 3 hours you spent in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” get a prescription lather at DUH for those exotic Parisian crabs you picked up, and readjust to the life/crime/ear-piercing din of the Have.

So look no further, within this week’s scene, you’ll find the summer’s best (and worst) film, music, and theater productions, as well as a cover feature that allows you to find out what Yalies have done with their summers without the stilted conversations. While some of the (over)ambitious protagonists of the cover are sure to make us feel a little worse about ourselves (cough Whitney Haring-Smith cough), the utter frivolity emanating from the rest of the pages serve to remind us that leisure is highly, highly underrated.

Enjoy yourself, and take a break from shopping to relish life at Yale while the weather’s nice and before extracurriculars start to suck the fun out of your friends. With only four more issues of scene under the Board of 2007’s tyrannical reign, deplorable senior nostalgia demands that we stress one, and only one, thing: Stop wearing your damn lanyards.

—Kevin, David and Steph