In exchange for approximately $10 million for civic improvements on Science Hill, New Haven has granted Yale development rights on three dead-end streets on which Yale plans to further expand its campus near Science Hill.

The city will abandon three dead-end streets — parts of Sachem and Mansfield streets and Prospect Place — behind Grove Street Cemetery near Ingalls Rink, in what is known as the Dixwell neighborhood. University officials said that no definite use for the site has been determined, but they are considering residential, academic or research uses.

City leaders said they agreed to the expansion in light of the under the leadership of New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and Yale President Richard Levin.

“We would be concerned about [Yale] expanding into residential area and taking land, but as long as it’s a cooperative process with the neighborhoods and the city we’re comfortable with it,” said Rob Smuts ’01, the mayor’s deputy chief of staff. “We wouldn’t just want it to buy up a neighborhood, but we think this is fine.”