When I returned from spring break, I was really excited to see the daffodils in bloom outside of Old Campus. I love the spring, and for me, these proud, trumpeting flowers were the first sign of it. Over the next couple of days, I smiled every time I passed them, and I simply couldn’t get “Forget the Flowers” out of my head (the first lines are “You’re tryin’ my patience/ try pink carnations/ red roses and yellow daffodils …). My recent obsession with the track inspired this list of music that reminds me of the season. Some of these songs are explicitly related to spring, some of them only tangentially, and some not at all. But they’re all pretty mellow and definitely worth a listen during a lazy afternoon on the lawn.

–Nick David ’09, who spins springtime joy on his late-night WYBC radio show, Cafe Eclectic, 12-2 a.m. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

aural crocuses

1) “Masterfade” : Andrew Bird : Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs

2) “Forget the Flowers” : Wilco : Being There

3) “We Looked like Giants” : Death Cab for Cutie : Transatlantacism

4) “April in Paris” : Count Basie : April in Paris

5) “Little Cloud” : The Incredible String Band : THe Chelsea sessions, 1967

6) “Henderson Swamp” : The Slackers : Wasted Days

7) “Spring 2008” : Architecture in Helsinki : Fingers Crossed

8) “Sunday Morning” : The Velvet Underground : The Velvet Underground and Nico

9) “All is Full of Love” : Bjork : Homogenic

10) “On the Sunny Side of the Street” : Louis Armstrong : Satchmo the Great