To the Editor:

As YCC representatives, we think you have made a mistake by not endorsing Steve Engler for YCC vice president (“Our choices for this year’s YCC elections,” 4/10).

In writing that Steve Engler “did not exhibit a strong sense of how to face the clear obstacles to [his] objectives,” the News ignores the fact that he is the only vice presidential candidate who pulled off three mammoth victories this year: securing college-wide soap after 10 years of unsuccessful lobbying, advocating Yale’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Renewable Energy Plan and launching Yale-New Haven Internships, which placed 25 interns working in nine public and private sector internship sites this semester. How could the News suggest that a candidate does not know how to face objectives in the face of accomplishments like these? It is ironic that if Steve had promised these goals for next year instead of accomplishing them this year, the News probably would have endorsed him.

Steve is more than the “head of the council’s ad hoc soap committee”: He has the clear support of his fellow representatives. We have been impressed with Steve’s leadership and ability to identify and act on key issues. Although the News may have lacked the foresight to endorse Steve, we trust that the student body will have the wisdom to vote for the candidate who has exhibited a strong sense of how to face obstacles to his objectives and achieve results.

David Atlas ’08

Andrew Steinberg ’08

Jeffrey Sun ’08

Irving Ye ’07

April 10, 2006

The writers currently serve as YCC representatives.