In spite of being deep in the midst of my senior essay, I want to take the time to offer my wholehearted endorsement of Larry Wise ’08 for Yale College Council president. I have gained immense respect for him in watching him succeed here at Yale and back home in North Carolina. It gives me great pride to leave this place knowing it will be kept in good stead by folks like Larry.

At Yale, Larry and I formed a solid friendship based on our shared experience of growing up in the South and on our various Yale activities. Having served on the YCC for two years, I understand its potential and its limitations. My other dear friend at Yale, Andrew Cedar ’06, also served as YCC president, and I observed the ins and outs of the job through my relationship with him. After speaking extensively with Larry about his interest in taking on this tremendous burden, I am inspired by the vision and demonstrated commitment he brings to the job.

Larry’s vision strives to elevate and expand the YCC’s role as advocate for Yale students. His willingness to take on difficult but important issues such as financial aid reform, sexual assault reporting and sustainable energy policy make him the type of farsighted leader the YCC president should be. Larry understands the role of the YCC in students’ everyday lives. From dining hall issues to college renovations to activities fee transparency, Larry commands a compelling, broad-based agenda.

Many candidates in this race espouse similarly ambitious plans, but Larry has shown his passion for the issues is not simply campaign season grandstanding. His work against sexual assault earned him the endorsement of the Yale Women’s Center, and his sensitivity to the diversity of interests in the community garnered him the support of the Asian American Students Alliance. As the Morse College Council president, Larry has shown his ability to merge the individual and collective interests of the residential colleges. His integral role in pushing for the renovation of Morse, Ezra Stiles and Calhoun colleges bears this out. As the chair of the YCC Security Committee and the co-coordinator of the YCC Community Service Day, Larry exhibits the organizational skills necessary for the position of president. In short, Larry has the breadth and depth of experience that make him the ideal choice for president.

Because of my faith in Larry and in the community he seeks to lead, I hereby offer this sincere endorsement of his candidacy.

Christopher Wells is a senior in Ezra Stiles College. He is a former YCC representative.