To the Editor:

I propose that all food and drinks be allowed to be brought into and consumed in the Cross Campus Library from now until the end of the semester.

It makes absolutely no sense for the ugliest, smelliest and most unpleasant place on campus (perhaps with the exception of Toad’s) to ban food and beverages while the Yale Law School library (perhaps one of the nicest) allows it. Additionally, it is no secret that the place is going to be turned into a pile of mud and rubble along with the rest of Cross Campus during the summer. No harm in having an extra granola bar wrapper in there somewhere. After the renovation, the CCL secret service is going to be roaming the premise searching for that little stash of M&Ms hidden within a 500-page orgo textbook and making students cower in fear. Better have our moment of glory now while we have the chance.

Jie Zhou ’06

March 19, 2006

The writer is a staff photographer for the News.