The Yale women’s tennis team faces a grueling gauntlet of matches in Florida during spring break, but if Saturday’s performance is any indication, there are sunny skies on the horizon.

The Elis notched a 7-0 home victory over the University of Connecticut for their third consecutive shutout win, sweeping all three of their doubles matches to begin the rout. In the No. 1 doubles match, Christine Alford ’07 and Aimee Kim ’07 rode authoritative serves and solid baseline coverage to a decisive 8-1 victory over their Huskies counterparts.

“We got sloppy at times, but picked it up and didn’t let ourselves spiral downward,” Alford said. “The team has been working on combinations and communication, which has helped us a lot.”

In the No. 2 doubles slot, Rashmee Patel ’07 and Olivia Nix ’07 posted an 8-2 win, adding to their already impressive seasons, while Lindsey Dashiell ’08 and Janet Kim ’09 dominated the No. 3 match, 8-2. Dashiell’s hard serve and powerful presence at the net, coupled with Kim’s consistent volleying, easily confounded the Huskies.

The Bulldogs were no less impressive in singles play, winning all six matches in straight sets. Janet Kim’s match was an especially bright spot in the singles competition: Playing against a visibly and audibly frustrated opponent, Kim kept complete control of both serves and volleys en route to a 6-1, 6-3 victory.

“We were trying to put the nail in the coffin and prepare for our upcoming matches,” she said.

Freshman standout Ashley Miles ’09 continued her strong rookie season, using her commanding serve to carry her to a 6-0, 6-2 win. Teammates said she will likely figure prominently in the future of Yale tennis.

Head coach Katie Granson said she was certainly impressed with the decisive victory.

“We played well,” Granson said. “We were consistent and disciplined.”

Granson cited the performances of Dashiell and Miles as particularly encouraging aspects of the match. Although the Huskies have not been the Bulldogs’ most formidable opponents, Granson said her team’s win was just as meaningful as other contests this season.

“We hold all of our matches as important,” Granson said. “We treat every match the same way, but it’s nice to end this home stretch on a victory.”

With a young core of players, the Elis have been expected to offer a productive season. After a solid showing in the fall’s Yale Invitational Tournament, the team has held its own in invitational and regional competitions since and continues to prepare for the beginning of Ivy League play in early April.

This match concludes the Bulldogs’ home meets until March 26, when they square off against the University of Massachusetts. In the meantime, they are set to compete against top tennis programs at Boston College and Boston University, along with other strong matchups during their spring trip.