To the Editor:

In response to Li Zhang’s letter about the opinion column I wrote, I have absolutely no regrets picking Epoch Times as a “good example” of independent and objective media in China (“Chinese newspaper’s objectiveness questioned by some,” 2/9).

The independence, credibility and objectivity of the Epoch Times come precisely from the fact that it defies stifling censorship from the Chinese Communist Party. While other media in China tiptoed around sensitive topics like SARS, Party corruption, AIDS, land reform disputes and Nine Commentaries — perhaps traumatized by the official crackdown on outspoken papers like Beijing News and Freezing Point — the Epoch Times boldly devoted extensive and truthful coverage to them.

As readers, we may have different opinions about media objectivity, but we all need uncensored information in order to make informed judgments. So it is critical to have uncensored search engines, Internet browsers, newspapers and other media — not only in China but also in the United States — because we form our opinions based on the information they present.

Hao Wang ’07

Feb. 9, 2006