To the Editor:

In her editorial about Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues,” Alexandra Schwartz writes, “The truth, of course, is that we’ve all heard ‘The Penis Monologues’ many times before” (“‘Monologues’ opens dialogue, despite age,” 2/7).

Have we? Sure, men talk about their penises, but only under the guise of bravado. The naming ceremony that Schwartz describes is a perfect example. Notice how men can’t seem to talk about sex without turning it into a joke? Really, a “Penis Monologues” — a play that deals honestly and sensitively with male sexuality — might be just as revolutionary as “The Vagina Monologues.”

I’ve seen Ensler’s play a number of times. I find it tremendously entertaining, and I love what it has done for women. But when we talk about gender problems, we need to acknowledge that our culture stifles both sexes. In order to make things change, we can’t be content to encourage women to speak up. We must also persuade men to drop the bravado.

Garrett Morrison ’06

Feb. 7, 2006