To the Editor:

Today marks the culmination of a journey started over a year ago. Last January, we threw a party entitled Guntherpalooza. At the beginning of this year, we decided to up the ante and see if we could get the “Pleasureman” himself. We contacted Gunther’s associates, who were thrilled. However, as we delved deeper we realized we would need lots of financial and logistical help to turn the dream into a reality.

We recalled the newly formed Committee for Campus-wide Activities, funded from the Student Activities Fee, whose goal is to throw more inter-college events. “What could be a better campus-wide activity than having Gunther’s first-ever U.S. concert here in Commons?” we thought, so we got online and filled out an application.

After speaking with students in the CCA and on the Yale College Council, we applied for funding and presented our case, which received unanimous approval from both organizations. Financial support allowed us to bring Gunther to Yale for a free concert event for the entire undergraduate community.

At last, our freshman dream has come to fruition. Tonight in Commons, thanks to the help of the CCA and the YCC, we proudly invite you to the first-ever U.S. performance of Gunther & the Sunshine Girls.

Michael Lehmann ’08

Feb. 1, 2006

The writer is a member of the Saybrook “12-pack,” which organized the Gunther concert.