To the Editor:

I want to commend the Undergraduate Organizing Committee for their continuing work toward financial aid reform. The progress achieved last year through the joint efforts of the YCC and the UOC was a leap forward for Yale’s financial aid policies. I know my own financial aid increased, something for which I am very grateful to Yale.

The latest rally held by the UOC (“Rally Supports Further Aid Reform,” 1/17) was an important step in keeping the topic of financial aid in the student consciousness. Yale students often tend toward complacency, and we all sometimes need reminders. I do not consider myself an activist, but I certainly appreciate the activism of those on campus who have worked, and continue to work, for better student aid.

I understand, too, that Yale is not prepared to offer further improvement to their aid program this year; I urge the administration not to forget, however, that many students are still genuinely concerned about the issue. I encourage Yale, the UOC and the YCC all to continue their work in good faith toward establishing a financial aid program that seeks equality of opportunity for all students.

Andrew Beaty ’07

Jan. 26, 2006