The start of spring semester is, in many ways, like that hottie in your section who is always “giving you eyes” across the table. Upon first examination, it’s nothing but b-e-a-utiful and captivating. As the weeks progress, however, you start to notice flaw after flaw until done day, when you’re dragging your ass up Science Hill over small Everests of ice and snow and realize that it’s the last weekend in March, it hits you: Last semester (or, to keep the section hottie analogy, your last significant other) was so much better.

Trust the venerable editors at scene (Steph and Kevin are trained meteorologists, and David spent a summer as a weatherman in Omaha) — the current weather is nothing more than a cloud-free tease that will leave you with blue balls. In a week and a half you’ll be thinking longingly of those afternoons when you could lounge on Cross Campus and worship the sun while reading philosophy instead of shivering to Socrates in the Saybrook library. As your teeth begin to chatter, your mind will almost certainly dream about warmer climes and the year past.

As we embark on this new semester, filled with all the promise, energy and nervous tittering of your nubile section hottie, scene thinks it only healthy to take a gander at what rocked our arts and living world in 2005.

It’s okay … you can be nostalgic … nobody’s looking.