More than one week after the grade submission deadline for fall-term courses, several students said that they have not yet received their grades.

Instructors are required to submit fall term grades by the first weekday after the New Year’s holiday, which this year was Monday, Jan. 2. There is no penalty in place for instructors submitting late grades, but the Registrar’s Office encourages professors to submit grades as soon as possible, Yale College Dean Peter Salovey said.

“I think we just encourage faculty to do everything possible to get grades in on time,” Salovey said. “It’s very unusual that grading deadlines are missed in any serious way.”

But Ali Hamedani ’08 said Wednesday evening that he is still waiting for his grade from “The Atomic Bombings of Japan in World Culture.” He said has not heard anything from the professor about the final paper for the course. Hamedani said he asked Rhonda Vegliante, the senior administrative assistant in the Davenport College Dean’s Office, why the grade was missing.

“I went to Rhonda a couple of days ago, and she said for me to go back to her in a week because sometimes they’re still on vacation or it takes a while,” Hamedani said. “I’d just like to know what it is so I can report my GPA more accurately.”

Marian Grove ’08 said last night that she still has not received her grade for “Colonial Latin America,” a history lecture course taught by Stuart Schwartz. Grove said she e-mailed Schwartz on Monday about the missing grade, and he told her that he had already submitted the grade to the Registrar’s Office.

“It’s definitely there,” she said. “It’s not like he hasn’t finished grading or anything.”

Grove said she needs a complete transcript for applications to summer programs, although her teaching assistant already told her the grade by e-mail. Her next-to-last grade to appear online arrived after the due date of Jan. 2, Grove said.

“It at least appeared before school started,” she said.

Kostya Lantsman ’07 said his last grade, for “Introduction to Quantitative Thinking,” came in Jan. 9. The missing grade for the applied mathematics course, which had five students in it, made it difficult to prepare internship applications, Lantsman said.

After the fall semester of his freshman year, Lanstman said he had a similar problem when he had not received a grade by the beginning of shopping period. He said the problem was only solved when a fellow member of the class asked the professor to submit the grades.

Salovey said that the Registrar’s Office makes inquiries when grades do not arrive on time, but that late grades are often the result of emergencies in instructors’ families or other problems. If a student urgently needs a completed transcript, Salovey said residential college deans or the Yale College Dean’s Office can make phone calls to facilitate a resolution to the problem.

Last year, grades for professor David Wu’s course “Strength and Deformation of Mechanical Elements” were not submitted to the Registrar’s Office until Jan. 31, about one month after the deadline.