To the Editor:

As a member of Yale’s class of 2005, I have been greatly looking forward to a trip back to campus this fall. I was struck with sadness this weekend, however, when I learned that one of the people who made my four years at Yale memorable will not be there to say hello. The passing of Dick Galiette is a sad time for everyone associated with Yale football, from players to coaches to people like myself who were lucky enough to spend time with him in the broadcast booth.

I handled spotting and statistics for Dick and Coach Carm Cozza in the WELI booth during my junior year. Dick’s preparation and hard work before, during and after broadcasts was obvious, but what struck me was the affection he had for the Yale program. Those who heard Dick on the airwaves could tell immediately that he had been to all the practices, asked coaches the important questions and knew the Bulldogs as people rather than players. While there are many who understand the X’s and O’s of football, Dick’s devotion to the Yale football tradition will be hard to replace.

I regret that I won’t be able to see Dick this fall or thank him again for helping me learn as a broadcaster. Yale football has quite literally lost its voice, but as I and others who worked with Dick try to succeed as broadcasters on our own, we’d be well served to remember how Dick not only covered a team, but cared about it.

Alexander Goot ’05

Oct. 26, 2005