To the Editor:

I was disappointed with the YDN’s portrayal of Yale students’ reception to Ambassador John Bolton ’70 LAW ’74’s visit to campus (“Bolton agitates audience,” 10/04).

Instead of reflecting the fact that a lively debate occurred in the question period (in which applause greatly outnumbered hisses) the headlines and captions made it sound like the Yale students who attended were a rude, reflexively liberal group unopen to considering other viewpoints. Although the article itself was more balanced, this characterization in the headlines landed a link to the article on the Drudge Report.

In actuality, the meeting was attended by a politically diverse body eager to hear from and engage the nation’s top diplomat, even if some disagreed with him. While audience participation by clapping and hissing is part of the Yale Political Union’s tradition — in keeping with a long tradition of parliamentary debate — we maintain respect for all speakers and appreciate the opportunity to hear all views. Student reaction to Ambassador Bolton’s visit was no different in this respect.

Jenny Rost ’06

Oct. 4, 2005

The writer is president of the Yale Political Union.