As part of the University’s continuing efforts to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina, Yale President Richard Levin announced in an e-mail yesterday that contributions of up to $100 made by employees and students will be matched by personal contributions from the officers, deans and fellows of the Yale Corporation.

The announcement came in an e-mail that listed the steps the University has already taken to help those displaced, including Yale College’s admittance of twenty-five students whose schools have closed. Yale’s graduate and professional schools will accommodate students from the hurricane torn areas, and the School of Medicine is accepting Tulane University medical students in need of clinical rotations. In conjunction with the city of New Haven, Yale will also help with the relocation efforts of 100 families to the area and may offer some employment, the e-mail said.

“Even as we hope for the consolation of those who have lost loved ones, homes, and livelihoods, many in our community are hastening to provide what assistance they can to the survivors of this tragedy,” Levin said in the e-mail.

Already, the seven officers of the University have contributed a total of $70,000 to the hurricane fund as a way to lead by example and encourage participation, Levin said in the e-mail. Levin also urged donations from the Yale community, noting that employees may sign up for a payroll deduction, and students may choose to have their contributions added to their bursar bill. Those who have already given directly will qualify for matching funds by submitting evidence of their contributions, the e-mail said.

“I urge everyone to join in this expression of community support for the victims of this tragedy,” he said in the e-mail.

Ongoing efforts to fundraise, including benefit concerts, will continue into the following weeks, Levin said, expressing his confidence in the generosity of the Yale community.

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