A Yale junior was attacked with a brick Monday evening by a group of teenagers on Lynwood Place, New Haven Police spokeswoman Bonnie Winchester said.

Tae Ha ’06 said he was hit on the head with a brick by a group of four teenagers, one of whom was on a bike, at approximately 7 p.m. Ha was treated for lacerations and minor injuries at Yale-New Haven Hospital after the attack.

“They came behind me with a brick,” Ha said. “They asked me for money after they hit me but ran away when they saw all the blood.”

Two of Ha’s alleged attackers were arrested by New Haven Police after a chase by Yale students and others who witnessed the attack.

Lynwood resident Tammer Qaddumi ’06 saw Ha assaulted from a car with his sister and her husband, Ludovic Djidetchian. Djidetchian pursued the alleged assailants on foot along Edgewood Avenue with Qaddumi, who called Will Garneau ’05, also a witness to the attack, for assistance. A city police officer joined in the chase, and two of the teens were finally cut off by a New Haven police cruiser and arrested.

Yale Police officers assisted in the arrest, University Police Lt. Michael Patten said. The men arrested are New Haven residents, he said.

The attack comes almost exactly a year after adolescents attacked a School of Management student with a brick on Mansfield Street, leaving him with a laceration on his forehead.

Ha was attacked when it was light outside, said Charles Friedman ’06, who arrived on the scene soon after the attack.

“It’s terrifying that it happened in broad daylight and it wasn’t on an empty street,” he said. “They tell everyone not to walk alone at night, but maybe there needs to be more of a security presence on the outskirts of campus.”

Friedman said many NHPD officers and paramedics responded rapidly to the incident. He said approximately 10 different emergency units came to assist Ha.

Ha said Morse College Master Frank Keil told him that he is the third Morse student this month to be assaulted.

YPD Chief James Perrotti reported the incident in an e-mail to all Yale students Tuesday, also citing several “similar crimes in recent weeks in other parts of the city.” In the past month, Patten said there have been multiple similar incidents reported in New Haven, some of which did not involve Yale students.

“There have been a couple of street robberies in the last one-and-a-half months,” he said.

TC Kida ’05 was struck with glass bottles April 3 at 65 Edgewood Ave., near the location of Monday’s attack. New Haven Police responded to the incident, but no arrests were made. Robb Ferris ’05, who is in Morse, was attacked April 8 by four teenagers near the Yale School of Medicine.

“Four kids came out of nowhere, beat me up and knocked me down,” Ferris said. “They took 10 dollars out of my pocket and my cell.”

University Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith said incidents of assault and robbery throughout the city have generally involved juveniles who are New Haven residents on bikes. Several of the incidents, she said, have occurred off-campus.

“This seems to be more of a pattern, although not all of the incidents have involved Yale students,” she said.

In his e-mail, Perrotti reminded students to exercise increased vigilance now that classes have ended, the weather is warmer, and students will likely be spending more hours outside.

“The e-mail was a reminder that students have more free time now and need to keep their guard up,” Patten said.

Perrotti suggested security measures for students in the e-mail, including walking or jogging in groups in the evening, calling security escorts while walking alone, avoiding using cell phones or headphones while walking and calling the police if any suspicious activity is noticed.

*This article has been corrected. The original version did not include the first name of Charles Friedman ’06.