Joslyn Woodard ’06, a native of Irvine, Calif., lives off-campus but is affiliated with Trumbull College. A sprinter and jumper on the women’s track team, Woodard won honors as the top female athlete at the Indoor Ivy League Championship this year. Woodard, a biology major, is also the president of Eating Concerns Hotline and Outreach, or ECHO.

Wednesday, April 13, 8 a.m. Pool practice at Payne Whitney Gymnasium:

Members of both the men’s and women’s track teams drag themselves out of bed to condition in the water on Wednesday mornings. Their workouts vary based on the training regiments for the week — The teams focus on either speed or endurance with water running, abdominal exercises and other sorts of water workouts.

“After it’s over and done, it’s really nice to have the rest of your day to do things besides practice, but when you have to actually wake up in the morning it’s really difficult,” Woodard said.

9 a.m. “Spanish for Medical Professions”:

Woodard’s Spanish class teaches future physicians the most useful medical terms in Spanish, in addition to giving a biology overview. She said the class focuses on the basic biological system and common diseases.

“It teaches the basics that Yale biology expects you to know but you don’t know,” Woodard said, laughing.

1 p.m. Shadowing a doctor at a Yale New Haven Hospital office on Temple Street:

Yale Medical Professions Outreach offers a program for undergraduates to shadow physicians in an area that interests them. Woodard, a future doctor, was accepted to the program and now shadows a neurologist. In addition to spending time with the doctor, Woodard is expected to attend two lectures over the course of the semester. On Wednesday, Woodard watched as the doctor dealt with patients with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and a case study for Botox to relieve muscle spasms.

6 p.m. Women’s track team dinner in Commons:

With all the time the women’s track team spends together, Woodard said its members want to develop relationships with their teammates “besides the one on the track.” The team ends up eating together most nights in Commons.

“We talk about anything,” Woodard said. “It’s not like the purpose is to talk about track. If anything, the purpose is not to talk about track.”

7:30 p.m. Hatha Yoga class at Payne Whitney Gymnasium:

With all of her track practices, classes, time shadowing a doctor and responsibilities as president of ECHO, Woodard said she needs a time to force her to slow down.

“You need a time when you just sit. Your time when you’re not actively doing something,” Woodard said. “But I can’t seem to do that on my own so I have to put it in my schedule.”