A group of four men allegedly chased and assaulted a Yale student Sunday night on Edgewood Avenue as he walked home to his apartment.

After being dropped off by friends, Toshiro Kida ’05 was hit with a Snapple bottle around 10.30 p.m. outside his apartment on 65 Edgewood Ave. University Police responded to the assault, but the alleged attackers ran from the scene before police could arrest them, Yale Police Lt. Michael Patten said. Police were unable to determine the cause of the attack.

“We don’t know who they were and we don’t know why this happened,” Patten said.

Kida said his friends brought him to Department of Undergraduate Health for abrasions to his head.

Walking on Edgewood, Kida said he noticed he was being following by the four men, but that such a situation is commonplace in his neighborhood.

“I didn’t pay too much attention,” he said. “Halfway between the corner and my house, one of them said something, which I couldn’t make out, in a slightly menacing, aggressive tone.”

Kida said one man then threw a bottle at him from down the street. As he fumbled for his keys outside his home, the man who had originally thrown the bottle caught up to him and again threw a bottle, shattering it against Kida’s head.

“By that time, I had gotten the second door half open, and it was a matter of slamming the door in the guy’s face for me to make my escape,” Kida said.

After getting inside his apartment, Kida said his friends decided to take him to UHS. Officer Lester Blazejowski responded to the incident from the Yale Police Department and spoke with residents of 65 Edgewood.

Kida said he could not see his attackers well, but the man who threw the bottle at him was wearing a camouflage jacket.

Several residents of 65 Edgewood said they are not surprised by the act of violence. Ari Glogower ’05 said the street is in a bad location.

“It’s a pretty dark area and cops don’t really patrol it,” he said. “There are a lot of car break-ins.”

Patten said the YPD does not handle most of Edgewood, since Yale owns only a few buildings on the street in the area of Lynwood and Park streets. The YPD’s area of patrol, he said, ends at Howe Street, and 65 Edgewood is further up the street.